Owner - Fully Qualified Trainer and Behaviourist

B. AnSci (Melb Uni), National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) accredited behaviourist


Amanda has been involved with the animal industry for over 10 years.
Following her graduation from her Bachelor of Animal Science and Management, Amanda continued to develop her interest in training and behavior through the NDTF trainer’s course.
For over 6 years, Amanda has developed her skills and knowledge as behavioural trainer through her work as Animal Behaviour and Training Coordinator with RSPCA Victoria. It was through this role that Amanda worked closely with private clients working through common behavioural issues, coordinating group classes as well as assessing and rehabilitating shelter animals for their suitability for adoption.
More recently, Amanda has spent the last two years working with Melbourne's veterinary behaviour referral service "Good Pet Behaviour" working alongside some of the leading veterinary behaviourists of Australia.  It was through this work that Amanda continued to develop her interest and skill in complex behavioural issues. 
Amanda utilises practical, reward based training techniques to help owners learn the skills to better communicate with their family pets. Amanda is passionate about helping owners better understand their pets and how they can use management and training to help strengthen the human-animal bond.
In her spare time, Amanda enjoys training her own dogs in competitive dog events such as obedience, agility and herding.
  • Bachelor of Animal Science and Management (Melbourne University - 2006)

  • Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training (NDTF - 2006)

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Monash University - 2013)

Meet our Trainers...

Cassie Crew

Class instructor & General Training consultant

Cassie has come to join our team in 2018.   She has completed her NDTF training qualifications and has been running a variety of classes at RSPCA Victoria since 2015.


Cassie runs fun, engaging classes that are designed for you and your pet to have a great time and learn lots! 

Claire Stipic

Class instructor & General Training Consultant

Claire has also come to join our team in 2018!  Claire helped us out a little in 2017 to run some puppy classes for us and safe to say Claire is the puppy expert, having fostered and looked after multiple animals from litters to puppy factory dogs to others just needing some TLC. 

Claire is a secondary teacher by trade, but has been involved in puppy classes and training since 2006.  We are very excited to have her on our team!

Laura Distefano

Class instructor & General Training Consultant

Laura is another trainer to join in 2018.  Laura brings a fresh outlook to classes with her performance (agility) background and really knows how to make a class fun and engaging for both dog and owners! 

Laura also has a real interest in fitness and rehabilitation from injury which is something new for us here!  We look forward to potentially expanding this in the future. 

Meet The Team

The youngest team member is miss Tempo (yes, she's an Aussie too!).  She is still a puppy and I am sure a lot of my clients have heard about some of her antics.  She is an 'enthusiastic' worker, which sometimes is to her detriment as she learns that running head first into things isn't always the best way to do things!  

Tempo is my reminder that no matter who you are, puppies are HARD work, but the rewards at the end are so worth it!

The other part of our team is little Ari the Lowchen.  It has been really interesting transitioning to a smaller dog and also managing through some of Ari's difficulties and impulse control issues. Slowly, he is learning how to be an asset to the team, helping dogs learn that small dogs ARE fun and worth spending time with, as well as a great demo dog to show that ALL dogs are trainable no matter what size!
Kinta, Tahlia and Koda are our three Australian Shepherds.  All three dogs work with Amanda on a regular basis both for building confidence with other dogs who may not know how to socialise correctly as well as helping Amanda with her seminars and demonstrations at various events throughout the year. 
To learn more about Amanda's Australian Shepherds - Click here.
Meet the Canine Crew...