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We feel this is an appropriate name for our blog site. For those of you who have been following us previously, know that Ari has been an exciting challenge for my training skills. Having come from a background of working dogs, I am well used to their training style, way of thinking and making training fun and engaging for them. While I have trained many different dogs, you could argue that working dogs are my 'specialty'.

I've always understood training a variety of breeds, working in a shelter develops a special kind of skill in trainers. You learn to assess, analyse but also refine your skills to modify behavioural issues in the shortest amount of time. It's a skill we are not always privy to when working with pets in the home environment. We can't avoid stress all the time (living in a shelter environment is stressful), you can't avoid triggers all of the time (they are all around) and you are always met with different challenges. This is what makes working in a shelter and with rescue dogs so rewarding.

Ari is actually not that difficult a dog when it comes to 'problems'. He is cheeky, but he is easy to train and smart. Where the difficulty with him comes into is that his desire to please is a totally different ball game to a working dog. His ability to twist a situation around and ask "What's in it for me?!" is also constant! So many new skills I have picked up from training him! A journey I have loved (and still do!)

So welcome to our little blog page - Ari's Antics!

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