Tenison Woods College, Mount Gambier


9 – 4:30pm


Discover a new structure and way to deliver your puppy preschool classes.


Puppy preschool classes can vary significantly in the standard offered and information delivered.  This can lead to confused puppy owners who are told different information from their vets, trainers and breeders.

Our goal at Pawsitively Great Pets is for clinics and training practices who are providing puppy preschool classes to provide a state of the art service to clients, that offers the best information available to clients and their puppies.


Why update your puppy classes?


Whether vet clinic or training school, puppy preschool is the most influential time to build client relationships and help develop a confident and happy adult dog. This is the perfect opportunity to build a bond between client and the clinic and/ or training centre.

Training techniques are constantly changing and improving as our knowledge grows.  Our seminar will provide you with information for:


  • The most up to date information and techniques

  • Improved knowledge to your staff and therefore your clients involved in puppy classes

  • Attendees to our workshop will learn information regarding:    

    • Dog behaviour and training

    • Identify and manage behaviour problems

    • Puppy Play – pros and cons

    • Canine body language

    • So much more!


Meet Your Presenter:

Amanda Murcutt from Pawsitively Great Pets

B.AnSci (Melb Uni), National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) accredited behaviourist


Amanda has been involved with the animal industry for over 10 years.


Following her graduation from her Bachelor of Animal Science and Management, Amanda continued to develop her interest in training and behavior through the NDTF trainer’s course.


For over 6 years, Amanda has developed her skills and knowledge as a behavioural trainer through her work as Animal Behaviour and Training Coordinator with RSPCA Victoria. It was through this role that Amanda worked closely with private clients working through common behavioural issues, coordinating group classes as well as assessing and rehabilitating shelter animals for their suitability for adoption.  It was during this role that Amanda also helped develop part of the RSPCA Australia's "National Training Framework" or a guideline for training classes focussed on providing quality reward based training techniques. 


More recently, Amanda has spent the last two years working with Melbourne's veterinary behaviour referral service "Good Pet Behaviour" working alongside some of the leading veterinary behaviourists of Australia.  It was through this work that Amanda continued to develop her interest and skill in complex behavioural issues. 


For the last 7 years, Amanda has also intermittently bred Australian Shepherds and has devoted her knowledge and experience to developing the best "early socialisation experiences" for her puppies, allowing them to be the best adjusted, confident puppies they can be before they go to their new homes.  Many of these techniques are passed on to her puppy preschool programs and classes.


Amanda utilises practical, reward based training techniques to help owners learn the skills to better communicate with their family pets. Amanda is passionate about helping owners better understand their pets and how they can use management and training to help strengthen the human-animal bond.



In her spare time, Amanda enjoys training her own dogs in competitive dog events such as obedience, agility and herding.








Why Choose Pawsitively Great Pets?


Our consultations are designed in a practical manner, suited to your lifestyle and your family.


Our aim is that you will always have fun training your dog.  We want to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.


Our consultations are jam-packed full of information - we guarantee you will learn something new each session!

Specialising in behavioural consultations in the privacy of your own home.  Pawsitively Great Pets work through a variety of problem behaviours from general training to the more serious behavioural concerns

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