Working with Vets
Pawsitively Great Pets' experience with training and behaviour is unique.  Our head behaviourist, Amanda has spent extensitve time working alongside Vets and Veterinary Behaviourists to help with behaviour modification, follow up and overall support for clients.  Often it is hard to provide all of the support required for owners working through mental health issues with their pets.  At Pawsitively Great Pets, this is what we pride ourselves on.   
Our experience also includes providing  behavioural education and professional development both to vets and vet nurses.  We strive to promote "Low Stress Handling"   techniques for vet practices to improve the ease of handling and management of stress during vet procedures.
Over the years, we have been guided and mentored by leading veterinary behaviour specialist Gabrielle Carter of Good Pet Behaviour.  In particular we have learnt and worked through extreme mental health issues, assisting with medication trials and observations, regular feedback to vets regarding their patients and any other assistance required.  We would be happy to continue this support to your veterinary practice to allow for a complete approach to your pet's behavioural needs.