Resources for Welfare Organisations
Our Experience with Shelters and Rescue is extensive.  After working for over 6 years (2008 - 2014) at RSPCA Victoria, our head behaviourist Amanda has an understanding not only of the smaller rescue organisations but also larger shelters as well.  
Amanda has been involved with, developed and designed  animal behaviour assessment schemes which are still used in shelters today.  After her visit to the USA in 2011 to observe and discuss assessment models, she has also been involved in discussion panels for developing standardised behavioural assessments as well as National Training Frameworks for training classes.
We have continued to develop relationships with rescue organisations such as Forever Friends Animal Rescue, Project Underdog, Australian Shepherd Club of Victoria, various Victorian animal shelters  and more. Furthermore, Amanda has been heavily involved in building and developing shelter rehabilitation programs, staff and volunteer training for assessing and acknowledging animal behaviour and designing and developing training class framework.  
At Pawsitively Great Pets, we have particular interest in working with Puppy Factory rescues. In the past we have been involved in some difficult mass puppy factory rescue including each dogs daily rehabilitation and care.  This has continued and developed over the last 3 years. 
In addition, over the last 3 years, Amanda has been running educational seminars for animal rescue organisations under the banner of "Good Pet Behaviour" along with leading Veterinary Behaviourist, Gabrielle Carter.  It is through these sessions that we have developed the knowledge and skills of foster carers enabling them not only to deal with the rehabilitation of animals currently in their care but also to now take on more difficult cases.  We continue to work regularly with breed resuce organisations to assist with the assessment of each individual, their suitability for foster and recommendations for their forever home.   
If you would like to see how Pawsitively Great Pets can help your own rescue organisation, please don't hesitate to ask.